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Unknown to most, São Paulo is home to the largest community of Japanese outside their home country. By adapting local ingredients, they have created a novel cuisine of their own, and nowadays Paulistas have integrated Japanese cuisine into their everyday lives. 


Uma Nota is a modern boteco, which in Brazil is traditionally known as a meeting place for bohemians looking for a refreshing drink, mouth-watering street food and a fun, easy-going vibe.

It is in Liberdade, São Paulo’s Japan, that Alexis and Laura Offe, owners of Uma Nota, discovered that Japanese food in Brazil is most often enjoyed as street food. “There is an energy in São Paulo that is different to any place we have ever been. Its beauty comes from the streets: the art, food, culture is invigorating and is the inspiration behind Uma Nota.”


During their trip, Alex and Laura tasted their way through the city, discovering new ingredients, the best local restaurants, and how to make the classic caipirinha, São Paulo style. Their time in Brazil is reflected on the menu through the

much-loved coxinhas, dadinhos de tapioca alongside the best of South American ceviches in Hong Kong.


Uma Nota is unpretentious, open-minded, and lively, qualities which are reflected in its food, its drinks, its design and its atmosphere. The music is a mix of both old school and modern Brazilian, Latin and international beats.

Come any night and the team will make sure you'll be dancing in your seats!


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