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Accompanying our new menu additions, we've introduced four brand NEW COCKTAILS to infuse your night with Brazilian spices and fresh Japanese herbs!


Our talented bar team fry a blend of smashed cinnamon sticks, lemongrass and pineapple skin, before infusing into our favourite Yaguara Branca cachaça to create the KINKAJOU⁠

The YOISHO blends 15 Japanese and Brazilian botanicals into our Yaguara Branca cachaca, served with bitters, tonic, fresh basil, a slice of grapefruit and a handful of pomegranate seeds.


A Japanese-inspired Mojito cocktail, we use shiso leaf, yuzu sake, calamansi, fresh lime and cachaçain the PAPAGAIO

And finally, the spicy GOSTOSA serves ancho-infuded Yagura with mezcal, guava, agave, lime and soda.


With a bigger showcase on the Japanese accents of UMA NOTA, new daily specials are available for dine in lunch, all day delivery through Meraki at Home, on Food Panda, or for self pick up with 10% off orders over 100HKD.

Taking on some much loved dishes - done our way - take a look at our new specials below!

Monday: Tekkadon (tuna sashimi donburi) Japanese rice, creamy katsuobushi, pickles 125HKD

Tuesday: Tonkatsu, deep-fried pork cutlet, spicy tonkatsu sauce, Japanese rice, pickles 100HKD

Wednesday: Ramen, miso-shrimp base, pork shoulder charshu, spring onion, nori, black fungus 110HKD

Thursday: Butadon,  pork belly chashu, Japanese rice, pickles 100HKD

Friday: Chicken karaage,  cabbage salad, Wasabi-cucumber mayo, soba noodle salad 100HKD


Between 11:30am - 7pm on weekdays and 4:30 - 7pm on weekends, we're serving up CAIPIRINHAS in four favourite flavours, for just 50HKD;

From passionfruit to pineapple and more, book a table or grab a seat on our steps for your caipi-hour!

Beer by the bottle, Prosecco and house wines are also available.


If you can't make it to us, let us come to you!



UMA NOTA welcomes Green MONDAYS to the daily rotation with off-menu plant based delights such as Roaster cauliflower, Banana and pumpkin stew in coconut milk and the much loved coxinhas filled with mushroom and eggplant.

Weekday lunch at Uma Nota!

UMA NOTA does weekday lunch! 
There's an unlimited salad bar, choice of mains and option to add dessert and a drink from 95HKD.⁠

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